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I’m starting a new feature on the site where I’ll be sharing with you interesting articles, books, and resources I’ve come across. Please note that I don’t necessarily ideologically align with or subscribe to every link shared here; instead, these are simply things I find amusing, inspiring, enlightening, or conversation-worthy.

Fuck New Age purity. Get dirty. Get off on your own Shadow. 

This blog post by Alana Louise May is a raw, unabashed critique of the new age spirituality movement’s preoccupation with positivity and light – and a rallying cry for embracing the Shadow.

The Case Against Reality

This article explores the theory that the reality we live in is an illusion we’ve created for ourselves. This deeply fascinating reads straddles the worlds of neuroscience and quantum physics and provides some interesting questions for us to ponder on the nature of reality.

Love the Egg You’re In

Danielle LaPorte reminds us to embrace the incubation period and savor the experience of now.

Anthony Bourdain’s Life Advice

Anthony Bourdain has long been an idol of mine, and this interview in Men’s Journal only made me an even bigger fan. Musing on his travel experiences, regret, how to handle critics, and the role of vanity, I urge you all to read this unexpectedly encouraging article.

Ted Talk: The Beauty of Being a Misfit

Lidi Yuknavitch believes that we all have the power to endlessly reinvent ourselves, and that we are beautiful even in the moments of our failures. Watch this inspiring Ted Talk to hear her tell her story of shame and self-acceptance, and how we can all embrace the beauty of being a misfit.

Podcast: 2 Dope Queens

I am obsessed with this WNYC-produced comedy and storytelling podcast hosted by Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson. Featuring comedians of different backgrounds and experiences (women, people of color, LGBT), the show humorously touches on topics ranging from gender, race, sex, and more. For reals guys, this podcast is amaze.


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Samantha Roberts is an artist and writer currently residing in the Pacific Northwest. She is a lover of foggy mornings, yin yoga, Bukowski, and The Cure.

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