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My name is Samantha Roberts – a writer and artist based in Portland, Oregon. Of Salt & Moon is a deeply intimate project I’ve created to explore and embrace the challenges and opportunities of living an introspective life. This is a blog about life, creativity, passion, desire, and self-discovery. It is a space for honesty, vulnerability, and uninhibited self-exploration.

I invite you to connect and share your stories, to build on the narrative, and pass along the message of curiosity, beauty, and hope.


What is Of Salt & Moon?

The properties of salt and the moon have been constant companions through my personal and spiritual journey.

Salt, a highly prized commodity in our historical past, has immense spiritual power. Traditionally used in ritual practices for centuries, salt has been revered for its purification and preservation qualities. It is considered a great neutralizer, and is associated with the qualities of balance and harmony. In alchemy, salt symbolizes the base matter or body.

The salt in the title of this blog also refers to the sea. The sea is a symbol of mystery, truth, and life. It cleanses. It transforms. The sea acts a mirror, amplifying our mood and intention. Carl Jung used the sea to symbolize the collective unconscious and its unfathomable depths. The sea is powerful, life giving, and unknowable.

The moon is the ultimate symbol of the feminine – intuitive, cyclical, and wise. She represents the rhythm of time and the embodiment of secrets and shadow. Together, the sea and the moon have a powerful relationship. The moon influences the sea by creating tides and the ever-present ebb and flow of the salty water.

This blog is a chronicle of self-exploration and bringing the dark into the light. My hope is that you can find inspiration, revelation, and motion in these words, and that the salt and sea and moon can guide you as well.

Get to Know Me

I’m forever inspired by Anais Nin, Frida Kahlo, Alan Watts, and David Bowie. I spend my time experimenting in the kitchen, watching bad TV, and getting lost in the woods. I’m always trying to read more, and I believe one of life’s simplest pleasures is a lit candle.

My passion is like fire, but easily distracted. My energy and interest is constantly shifting, like the ebb and flow of the sea. I struggle to make meaningful connections with others, and often don’t know how to respond, leaving conversations unanswered for weeks. Sometimes I say too much, too loudly, for too long.  

I’m fascinated by witchcraft, alchemical transformation, esoteric wisdom, and eastern mysticism; I’m enraptured by the occult, astronomy, language, pop surrealism, and poetry.

I believe in energy, ritual, and intention. I’m a feminist, an Aries, Slytherin, and an INTP.

I’ve had many loves, but am married to my soulmate. We’ve been partnered since Halloween 2009 and he continually surprises, inspires, challenges, and supports me. I’m so grateful for his love and companionship. We live together, tucked away in a corner of the Pacific Northwest with our two cats, Sushi and Luna.

I love to plan down to the last meticulous detail – except with art. My version of creativity is all about improvisation. Anything else feels tedious and boring to me. I prefer the feeling of spontaneous, impulsive creation. I’m too impatient for anything else.

I’ve had many professional aspirations, including paleontologist, architect, web developer, author, software engineer, nutritionist, tarot card reader, illustrator, primatologist, journalist, filmmaker, designer. Instead, I have an MA in Psychology and I work in consumer finance compliance. I still don’t really know what I want to be.

I’m always changing my mind. Some days I’m the Rebel. Others I’m the Queen.

I know darkness well.

In the past I’ve struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. I used to self-harm. I was the girl at the party with a gin & tonic in hand and a book under her arm, picking ideological fights with strangers. Moments away from tears or an outburst, aching inside and desperate for a way out. Thankfully I’ve overcome those obstacles, though I still wrestle with my fair share of issues and self-doubt.

I believe that denial of ourselves is not the path to spiritual enlightenment. That being with our pain is the only way to heal it.

I’m still trying to figure it all out.

I’m enamored with learning and seeking and exploring, but have to remind myself sometimes to stop and actually take action. To integrate the lessons and put theory into practice.

The most burning desire deep within me is to explore the world. To feel it all. To try it all on and not shy away. To leave this earth full.


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